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Fulfilling Our Community's Promise

The Charlottesville Scholarship Program (CSP) offers eligible local residents an opportunity to apply for Charlottesville Promise and Preston Coiner Scholarships each year by March 1st.


Charlottesville Promise Scholarships are renewable awards that can fund up to $13,000 of the cost of a technical certification program, or 2- or 4-year undergraduate education. First-year awards are typically $2,500.  Renewal awards typically increase by $500 each year.  CSP typically awards 10 new Promise Scholarships each year.


Preston Coiner Scholarships are renewable for each year of a student’s technical certification program, or 2- or 4-year undergraduate education.  Annual awards are calculated based on a percentage of the funds available in the Preston Coiner scholarship endowment. The Preston Coiner award for 2023 is $5,900.  Only 1 new or renewing Preston Coiner Scholarship is available in any given year.


CSP offers a joint application together with the Grace Tinsley Scholarship Program.  Students may use a single application form to apply for a Promise, Preston Coiner, and/or Grace Tinsley Scholarship.


CHS seniors requiring assistance in completing their application or gathering required supplemental documentation should contact Lois Burke (, 434.245.2410) at the CHS Counseling Center no later than February 1st.  This extra month is required to give the counseling staff adequate time to help students complete their applications by the March 1st deadline. Please plan accordingly!


Current college student and adult Charlottesville Promise Scholarship applicants, and Preston Coiner Scholarship applicants from high schools other than Charlottesville High School must submit applications directly to CSP by March 1st.   

Electronic submission is strongly encouraged.


Equal Opportunity Statement
In accordance with federal law and the law of the Commonwealth of Virginia, the Charlottesville Scholarship Program and Grace Tinsley Memorial Scholarship Program do not discriminate on the basis of age, race, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, military status or disability.

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