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Fulfilling Our Community's Promise

The CSP Board of Directors appoints a selection committee whose members carefully review each application completed and submitted by the March 1st deadline. 

The committee looks for students whose applications demonstrate both the ability and the sincere desire to succeed in a technical certification program or 2- or 4-year undergraduate educational institution.

Successful applicants show evidence of:

*Financial Need*

*Academic Success, including challenging courses, honors, and strong grades*

*Employment Success*

*Clear Goal Setting*

*Strong Written Language Skills*

*Persistence in the Face of Challenging Circumstances*

In a typical year, CSP awards 9 new Promise Scholarships to seniors attending Charlottesville
High School and residing in the City, 1 potential new Promise Scholarship to a graduating high school senior residing in the City and attending one of the City's alternative or non-traditional learning center listed here, and 1 potential additional new Promise Scholarship to an eligible adult currently attending or planning to enroll in a post-secondary undergraduate program or vocational training/professional certification program at an accredited technical school.

1 student each year is designated as the Preston Coiner Scholar.  If the current Preston Coiner Scholar's award is renewed, no new award will be given.

Every other year, beginning in 2024, CSP will award the Scarpa Arts & Design Scholarship to an applicant pursuing an undergraduate degree in fashion, theater, architecture, design or the arts.  Students planning to pursue vocational school studies may apply only if there is a clear fit with these designated areas of study.  Special preference will be given to applicants from very low-income households.  While adult applicants will be considered for these scholarships, graduating high school senior applicants are preferred.

Evaluation Criteria