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New Scholarship Applications

due March 1, 2025


All Renewals

due March 1, 2025

Applicants should use the Charlottesville Area Community Foundation's (CACF's) online scholarship portal button above to create an account and submit an application.  Applicants may use the portal to apply for a Charlottesville Promise, Preston Coiner, Scarpa Arts & Design, and/or Grace Tinsley Scholarship, as well as for other local scholarships administered by CACF for which they may be eligible.

You may return to the portal to edit your application as needed and to submit required supplemental materials as you collect them.

Click here to view what you will see when you apply.

    Title. Double click here.

    To renew your existing scholarship, upload transcript & update contact and financial information through renewal link above.

    No special forms are required.  Review Renewal Instructions and Requirements here.

    Preston Coiner Renewing Scholars only: please remember to submit your transcript by Jan. 1 each year. Other materials are due March 1.

    To accept your new scholarship award, upload these required forms through acceptance link above:

    Save the content you enter in these fillable PDF forms before uploading your files through the Acceptance link be selecting

    Print and Save as PDF on your device!