The goal of the Navigator Program is to develop an effective working relationship with the scholar in order to ensure that 100% of our scholars successfully complete their college curriculum and graduate.

Community volunteers, or Navigators, commit to helping scholars navigate the new experiences and challenges that college brings. To the best of the organization’s ability, Navigators and scholars are matched according to one or more of the following: gender, similar interests, career goals, college attended.

Navigator tasks can include maintaining a dialogue with your scholar; inquiring about progress in school, classes, family, work, college life, or anything that could potentially hinder student success; providing advice and encouragement about time management and long-term goals; assisting with the scholarship reapplication process; and assisting with summer employment opportunities or internships as available.

We ask for at least a one-year commitment and provide training along the way for all our volunteers. Read more about the Benefits and Responsibilities of Becoming a Navigator, or download a CSP Navigator Application. Email us at to find out more information.